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CBD for pets - What does science say?

  • CBD For Pets – What Does the Science Say?


CBD for pets has become an increasingly sought-after option for people who are looking to be more health-conscious and keep their pets healthy. This natural supplement has been taken by humans effectively for several years now, and anecdotal stories of people giving CBD for pets are plentiful. However, what does the science say about it? Here is what you need to know.

  • Increased Comfort for Pets With Arthritis

Cats and especially dogs may get arthritis sometimes, leading to significant pain for them and reduced mobility. A clinical study suggested that giving your pet 2mg/kg of CBD twice a day could improve their level of comfort and mobility if they suffer from arthritis.

  • Reduced Pain and Increased Mobility

In 2018, Liberty Leaf released the results of a study that found pets with osteoarthritis that were given 0.3 mg/kg of CBD oil over a period of one month had far less pain than before. Additionally, their mobility was greatly improved.

  • Fewer Epileptic Seizures

Colorado State University conducted research to discover whether CBD could be used to help epileptic dogs. Over a period of 24, dogs were monitored after being given CBD. They noticed that there was an astonishing 89% drop in the number of seizures they experienced.

  • Safe and Bioavailable

Colorado State University did a pharmacokinetic and safety study involving CBD to see how safe and bioavailable it was, as well as what is the best delivery method. What they discovered was that CBD was safe enough to give to pets. Additionally, the study found that the most bioavailable method of CBD administration was done orally. This allowed for the maximum absorption, which is why a CBD oil tincture is always the best way to give your pet CBD.

  • Reduction in Atopic Dermatitis Issues

CannaPal Animal Therapeutics did a study in 2020 that looked at dogs suffering from atopc dermatitis, which is something that occurs as a result of skin allergies. After about two months, the vets looked at how the pets fared with CBD being taken for the condition. They found that the symptoms associated with atopic dermatitis dropped significantly. In fact, it was a massive 51% decrease.

  • Conclusion

The research conducted so far indicates that CBD can play a powerful role in the improved health and well-being of our furry friends. While there are many forms of CBD for pets today, the most helpful and bioavailable form is a tincture that is administered to pets orally. Now that you know your pets can benefit from CBD, you may want to consider making this a daily supplement for them.