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CBD for Sleep - How this natural cannabinoid may improve your sleep

  • CBD for Sleep – How This Natural Cannabinoid May Improve Your Sleep


CBD is increasingly being used for a number of benefits it seems to have. One of the most popular uses for it has become the taking of CBD before sleep to promote a more restful night's rest. While there are not that many sleep studies done in regards to how CBD affects sleep, there is some research we can turn to and get insights from.


There was a study published in the journal called Medicines that looked at whether CBD could help people who suffered from insomnia. The study collected data on the sleep habits of participants over a period of two years. A 1-10 scale was used to define how severe insomnia was. When the participants entered the study, they gave their symptoms a 6.6 overall.


CBD was given to them in various forms. What the study found was that the insomnia-related symptoms had reduced to an average of around 2.2, which is a significant drop. However, the study used the entire flower, which also includes 100+ other cannabinoids besides CBD, so it is difficult to say whether it was CBD alone that led to these results or other cannabinoids as well.


However, another study only involved the use of CBD to assess how it affected sleep and anxiety. Published in Permanente Journal, this study had participants taking 25 mg of CBD in a capsule. People who suffered from sleep issues were told to take the CBD before bed. After one month, participants taking the CBD for sleep saw a 66% overall improvement, meaning they were able to sleep much better than before taking CBD.


There have also been other small studies that support the idea of CBD being an effective way to improve sleep quality. One such study looked at a girl that was 10 years old who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and had trouble sleeping. She was given a 25 mg CBD supplement right before going to bed. During the daytime, she was also given 6-12 mg of CBD via an oral spray for her anxiety. Over the next five months, her sleep quality, as well as quantity, would gradually improve.

  • Conclusion

CBD for sleep appears to be a very promising treatment option, and without negative side effects of prescription drugs. While there isn’t much science available right now regarding CBD’s effects on sleep, we can see that the studies that do exist look very promising. Many have also reported anecdotally about how much better they sleep now that they take CBD before going to bed.