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C8 MCT Oil 1000mg CBD


C8 MCT Oil 1000mg CBD

Our C8 MCT Oil 1000mg CBD is formulated for fitness goals! Allow our C8 MCT CBD formula to reduce stress on joints and feel more fluid during and after exercise. We utilize C8 medium chain triglycerides which makes this highly effective for weight loss and training. C8 MCT Oil alone releases Peptide YY and Leptin which decreases appetite and allows you to feel more full. When the C8 MCT is consumed it releases ketones into the body which aid in burning fat. Perfect for anyone on the Keto diet! C8 MCT is an instant source of energy for the body and the mind! Give our C8 MCT Oil 1000mg CBD a try. 

  • Releases Peptide YY and Leptin to decrease appetite and feel more full
  • Releases ketones into the body
  • Keto Friendly
  • Instant source of energy for body and mind
  • May Reduce inflammation 
  • Burns fat efficiently
  • May help reduce anxiety
  • May help reduce pain
  • May contain Cancer fighting properties
  • 100% THC Free


C8 MCT Oil, CBD Isolate 1000mg


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